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Vinyl Car Wraps Are One Of the Best Ways To Promote Your Business Locally!

A vehicle wrap is a digitally-printed mobile billboard. Our professionals here at Prime Media Consulting will work with you to craft your business advertisement and then print it on vinyl. Our Professionals will print vinyl wraps in full color with eye-catching graphics. After using our graphic design software to design your wrap, we will work with our professional installer to implement the wrap on your vehicle.

At Prime Media Consulting, you can select either a full wrap, which covers the entire vehicle including the windows, or a partial wrap. Even if the wraps cover windows, you won’t have a problem looking through them. We even offer the opportunity to create the digital design for your vinyl car wrap, and allow you to find a local installer to do it for you!

Enjoy An Affordable Solution For Vehicle Wraps

Looking for the best in vehicle wraps or commercial graphics in Southern California and in The Chicagoland Area? As a preferred vehicle wrap company and graphics vendor, Prime Media Consulting provides custom wraps for private owners, corporate fleets, commercial clients, Super Luxury Yachts, Boats, motorcycles, murals and more.

Our vehicle wraps are an affordable marketing solution that delivers an outstanding return on investment. Instead of renting a billboard that costs thousands of dollars per month, BECOME the billboard for a fraction of the cost. Turn your fleet of vehicles into a referral and lead generation machine. Every time one of your vehicles are on the road it either reminds a customer who you are and what you do, and gives them an opportunity to connect with you and your business. Vinyl Carp Wraps are an affordable solution to remind your local clientele about your small business and have them remember your brand when ready to make a purchasing decision.

The Facts About Vinyl Car Wraps

Looking for ways to promote your business to a larger audience? Wishing your fleet of vehicles matched your company’s brand and were recognizable? If you answered yes to either question, then vehicle wraps are the perfect solution for you. These wraps can expand your brand’s visibility to new demographics and continue to work when you’re not. Vinyl Car wraps for vehicles has been around for decades. The great news? The market is only INCREASING in opportunities. With more vehicles on the road like never before, now is an incredible opportunity to promote your company and wrap your vehicle for business use or enjoy a custom car wrap for personal use.

One vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 – 80,000 impressions daily.
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98% of Americans indicated they notice media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers.
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Fleet vehicle advertising boosts name recognition 15x greater than other advertising media.
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The global automotive wrap films market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 22.2% from 2022 to 2030
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Are You In Need Of A Change? Vinyl Car Wraps Can Be The Game Changer

Looking to change the color of your vehicle, but don’t want to spend a fortune painting it through a body shop? Some car wraps have no design at all, just a color. Color change car wraps are becoming very popular to update your vehicles without having to purchase a new vehicle. By using solid colored vinyl, we can change the entire look of your car. Dozens of new colors and finishes are now available. Let our experts fully wrap your ride with the colored or textured vinyl you want today. We can customize your vehicle wrap to meet your vision, match your company brand and marketing materials or anything else you can imagine. Carbon fibers, mattes, glosses, and brushed metal are just a few options.  

The Benefits Of Working With Prime Media Consulting For Your Vehicle Wraps

Whether business or personal, a custom wrap will separate you from the rest and provide a look that will turn heads. Prime Media Consulting will help create a Vehicle Wrap that will turn your vehicle into a colorful, eye catching; rolling billboard that can get thousands of impressions per day and turn your commute into an opportunity/source for business instead of the headache that you’re used to. 

When you combine our expertise in marketing, dynamic graphics, high-quality materials, certified installers, on-time reliable service, and, most importantly, passion for your business, our business helps YOUR business come to life.

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