Podcasts Are One Of the Greatest Ways To expand your reach!

Getting on podcasts as a guest is a great way to get in front of your target audience. And it takes way less effort than guest blogging. But most producers and hosts are picky about who they’ll have on their show. They only want guests who they think their listeners will enjoy. So if your pitch doesn’t stand out, it’s going to get buried with all the rest.

Getting booked as a guest expert on podcast shows may also be the single most powerful form of CONTENT MARKETING you can do for your business in today’s world. Not only are you able to have an interview ask you important and pertinent questions, you are able to showcase your business, elevate your name in your local community as well as reach a broader base. Podcasts have grown astronomically over the years and is a great addition to your social media, website design , SEO, and content marketing strategies. Share rich media, soundbites, video, images, teasers, evergreen — anything you can think of when participating in a podcast.

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We are committed to share your story because your story matters.

The Total BS show is about real conversation with small business owners who aren’t afraid to be open and honest about their journey in starting and continuing their entrepreneur journey.  This show is about asking business owners the tough questions. The failures, the struggles, what made them keep pushing through to become as successful as they are today. As your hosts for the Total BS show, our goal is to find a piece in your journey and have your story connect with our listeners, and bring it to the digital world in a bite-sized, relatable podcast topic format.

The Facts About PODCASTS

Even if you hate it, Podcast marketing is something you need to be looking into for your small business. There’s just no way around it in today’s digital age. Why? Check out the stats:

of podcast listeners are either somewhat or much more likely to consider buying from a brand after hearing its advertisement on a podcast
0 %
of small and medium-sized businesses owners are podcast users.
0 %
of podcast audiences are made up of people between 18 and 44 years old.
0 %
of podcast listeners enjoy more than $250,000 in annual household income.
0 %

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Since COVID-19, we’ve been recording all our podcast episodes remotely. Which is great because we have also expanded our reach around the United States. All you need is a laptop, a good internet connection and some headphones. The podcast format is an interview show where host Alex Kowalkoski (Owner of Prime Media Consulting LLC) speaks with small business owners in all walks of life about business, non-profits, money, careers and entrepreneurship. Our audience is mainly ambitious small business owners who either run their own business or side-hustle, are planning on starting a business or are in leadership roles at work. We’re always looking for fresh angles for conversation on the podcast. Listen to episodes that discuss similar topics and experiences to yours – what new perspective can you contribute? How can you help the conversation to evolve?

There are many factors we have when choosing guests and our number one focus is our audience. Fill out the application below to be considered as a guest on the Total BS Show. If your application is accepted, you will be contacted with available times to record your interview. Please note, we typically record episodes several weeks in advance, so our content calendar does fill quickly! You can expect to hear back from us within a week or two of your application. If we aren’t able to schedule you at this time, we hope you won’t take it personally! And we’ll be sure to keep your name on our list of considerations for future episodes.

Make sure if you are selected to be on the Total BS Show, you share your new curated content in as many ways as possible. Some companies do great things like, mixing live video (on Facebook and Periscope) with the live podcast interview.

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How do I get the VIP, Total BS Show Podcast Guest Experience?

We highly recommend that all potential podcast participants engage in our VIP Podcast Guest Experience. The VIP Guest Experience upgrade ($899) is recommended for those who have a message, product, brand or service they want to reach the masses. (FEE applies if approved)

What you receive with the VIP Guest Experience Upgrade:

  1. Priority consideration to be on our podcast (skip the line).
  2. Get featured in major media such as yahoo!, Fox, CBS and more…
  3. 30-45 minute curated VIDEO & AUDIO interview with Alex Kowalkoski (you get to keep the video).
  4. Podcast distribution on 15+ platforms (iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Google Podcasts and more).
  5. Interview featured on PrimeMediaConsulting.com (with backlinks to your website).
  6. Interview featured in our Newsletter (Over 1 millions emails sent yearly).
  7. Social media package included (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest)

Some of our FEATURED Podcasts

If you got Chosen, make sure you do THIS!

Congratulations, you were chosen to be on the Total BS Show… but now what? If you want attempt to make your Total BS Show podcast go viral, here are some great tips for you.

You really only have eight weeks from when your podcast launches to get to New and Noteworthy on some of the major platforms. The first two weeks of these are the most crucial to get ratings, likes, shares and eyeballs. Here are a few key ideas and opportunities some of our listeners have done that can help make these first couple weeks after the Total BS Show podcast launched, to create that buzz:

  • Listener Giveaways
  • Throw an In Person Launch Party.
  • Go Virtual –  Get on Facebook Live and encourage your friends to listen!
  • Publish 2 weeks worth of Podcast related content.
  • Add a section in your emails for your clients and business colleagues to listen and get their opinion!
  • Get your friends, teammates, employees, and family members to post, tweet and email to build your brand awareness.
  • Have an idea we missed? Share with the class and let’s work together!
VIP Podcast Guest Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

If you choose to apply for the Total BS Show and select our 10-15 minute AUDIO ONLY podcast interview, there is NO COST associated with the interview. Consider this our gift to you for owning a small business!

We want to interview small business owners throughout the United States. Once we receive your application, our podcast producers will go to work researching your background with an online search to determine eligibility. Unfortunately we do not accept any direct sales or MLM independent business owners at this time.

We ask that you choose your own topic when deciding on having the interview with you. This is YOUR interview. Do you want to talk about your story? A product? A service? This is your opportunity to showcase it!

Typically we have a 2-week turnaround when it comes to our interviews.

Absolutely. Our free 10-15 minute interview does not included video, but we do offer optional enhancements to the interview to customize to any business owner’s needs.


We do offer all potential guests an optional upgrade to our VIP Podcast Guest Experience where you will not only have video recordings, but many more features including distribution to iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Podcasts and all major social media platforms.

If you have a story to tell, this is a great opportunity to share it. We offer a free 10-15 minute interview for your business as well as paid services. If you have a story to share, we would love to help you along your journey.

We will email you when your application is in the review process as well as a separate email for the approval process. Typical turnaround time for approvals are 1-2 weeks.

After an approval to be on the Total BS Show is emailed to you, we will send you a calendar list of dates and times that you can schedule. Most interviews are done within 1 week of acceptance.

Our free 10-15 minute interview allows one-person per interview per business. Our optional paid interview enhancements will allow a more accomodating selections.

Nothing. There is no catch. We want to help as many small business owners grow their business as possible. We know that one of the largest ways is to promote yourself through a variety of options. We want to be able to afford the opportunity to showcase your business to our listeners.


If you decide to select our VIP Podcast Guest Experience ($899) with a multitude of different selections, we will offer a no-pressure opportunity to do so.

Apply to be a guest on the Total BS Show.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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