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Paid advertising platforms provide the opportunity to showcase your business and produce immediate results.
pay per click marketing
pay per click advertising

What Is Pay Per Click?

PPC or pay-per-click is a type of internet marketing which involves advertisers paying a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Simply, you only pay for advertising if your ad is actually clicked on. It’s essentially a method of ‘buying’ visits to your site, in addition to driving website visits organically. Google ads has placements over 85% of the “above the fold” space on Search Engine Results pages. The power of Google Ads is the fact that users and potential customers can have your advertisement display do them for EXACTLY what and where you want to be found for. 

With traditional marketing strategies like placing an ad in the newspaper, or advertising your business on a billboard, you’ll pay a set monthly budgets for that advertising space; regardless of how many customers see your advertisement. To the adverting agency, it doesn’t matter if 10 potential customers see your ad or 10,000 — you’ll pay the same price for the placement of that newspaper ad or billboard.

This helps you now understand that digital marketing has eclipsed the value of traditional media marketing to establish that brand awareness directly with your potential customers. Pay Per Click advertising is an affordable business advertising solution where you can set your own budget, target specifically the demographic and geographic attributes you want, for what they are searching for. This benefits a small business owner who is trying to rank their website organically to invest in immediate results whereas SEO may take time to develop.

Place Your Facebook Ads To The Right Demographic Area For Your Business

Creating Facebook ads can help you earn a substantially larger sum than what you initially invested. Facebook advertising is extremely effective for small and medium sized business owners. The Facebook platform is one of the most engaged website visited on all of the internet. The entire platform is designed to generate a conversation and engagement with your clientele while sharing new content to your current and prospective client base. 

By Writing engaging advertisements, focusing on mobile-first content, and carefully choosing advertisement placements, Prime Media Consulting will go the extra mile to successfully advertise on Facebook. From setting up Facebook Pixel to tracking your campaigns to comprehensive A/B testing and ad retargeting, none of your spend will go to waste with our Prime Media Consulting Facebook ad program.

facebook marketing
youtube marketing

Place Your YouTube Content To The Right Demographic Area For Your Business

Are you struggling to get seen by your target audience? As the second largest search engine on the internet, YouTube has evolved as the land of milk and honey for small business owners. Investing in YouTube marketing can dramatically increase your brand’s visibility in major ways. Imagine paying for a billboard on your largest, most driven-on road in your local town. That would be great right? Also expensive. And you’re not targeting all of the right customers at the time they are ready to learn about your business or make a purchasing decision. Now imagine targeting specific consumers in your geographic area and branding only to those people… at a fraction of the cost (With an average cost-per-view of $0.01–$0.03)!  That’s the power of an exceptional YouTube campaign.

Prime Media Consulting creates a customized YouTube marketing campaign that aligns with your specific business goals. Whether it’s Display Ads, Overlay Ads, Skippable Video Ads, Non-Skippable Video Ads, Sponsored Cards, or Bumper ads, we will carefully track all metrics to ensure that your ads are receiving the best engagement and retention possible. 

Place Your Instagram Content To The Right Demographic Area For Your Business

Prime Media Consulting conducts a comprehensive analysis of your potential clients to create content that targets to them to convert. Our copyrighters and content marketing experts carefully craft branded content while keeping your brand identity and audience in mind. We also will initiate a paid Instagram campaign on relevant user news feeds and stories. 

With the effectiveness of an Instagram Marketing campaign, you can use this social media platform to generate substantial opportunities. As we share your engaging instagram posts, using the best hashtags while leveraging other marketing strategies, we will attract the right targeted customers.

instagram marketing
twitter marketing

Place Your Twitter Content To The Right Demographic Area For Your Business

Twitter helps your small business drive awareness, promote your products or services and engage in trending topics and discussions with your specific audience. Prime Media Consulting creates an individual twitter marketing plan for each of our clients. We will craft your specialized content for your targeted demographic for your small business. We will use both organic and paid strategies to increase your Twitter follower count and engage more customers.

While twitter is a free marketing tool for business where you can post, share content and connect with your clients or prospects, but there are specific strategies where you can promote your business on Twitter. Twitter ads that engage your cultivated demographic can afford and incredible return on investment with a very low cost per click. Twitter ads are placed in front of your prospects through their search interests and engagement patterns. Let Prime Media Consulting keep up with the latest trends on Twitter to tweak your strategy so you can focus on running your business.

The Omni Marketing Strategy

Omnichannel marketing is the integration and cooperation of the various channels organizations use to interact with consumers, with the goal of creating a consistent brand experience.

One of the major benefits of a proven SEO team carefully cultivating and crafting your PPC Campaigns will be the ability to know what keywords are converting for your Paid Search campaign. Smart digital marketers will then take converting keywords from your Pay Per Click campaign and craft SEO content for your business to rank higher on search engines. It’s proven that if your business can show up on the Paid Search, Google Maps and Organic section of Google, you’ll more than likely going to be chosen as the obvious choice; thus creating the Omnichannel Marketing Strategy.

Pay Per Click Advertising Services

The Facts About Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

The DIY doesn’t work anymore for your business to have a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign. This isn’t the fun stuff about marketing your business, but is one of the most critical. You need business now and this platform can produce immediate results! Even if you hate it, talking about Pay Per Click Advertising is something you need.  Check out the stats:

Pay Per Click Ads can boost brand awareness by 80%
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Google controls more than 92% of the global search engine market.
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The average ROI for Google Ads. You can only imagine how the better-than-average businesses are doing.
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of marketers say PPC is hugely beneficial for their business.
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Prime Media Consulting are marketing experts offering the very best products and services for small and medium size businesses to help you keep growing your business. Yes we build amazing custom websites, but it is our goal to truly make your website a lead generation tool for your business. We want to earn search engines like Google to position your business at the top of search engines while maintaining a positive brand experience and garnering great reviews across social media platforms. Prime Media Consulting uses innovative web techniques and state of the art industry leading evaluation tools to research the holes in your online marketing presence, and make recommendations based on the budget and time you have available to fix them. 

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