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Do you know what you're getting from your PPC Campaign or if it's even set up correctly? Let's find out!
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Audit Your Pay Per Click Marketing

Do you suspect you’re using the wrong keywords but have no way of knowing it? Are you spending more than what you’re getting back in conversions? With our Pay Per Click Audit, Prime Media Consulting can identify what is/went wrong with your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, while also optimizing your Google Ads account so you can get the most out of it for long-term growth.

Why People Choose our Pay Per Click Audit:

  • Learn which ad campaigns are doing best; emulate their success
  • Use structured snippets, extensions, and site-links to enhance your pay per click strategy.
  • Eliminate unqualified searchers with negative keywords
  • Use ad variations to identify what customers respond to
  • Evaluate your Quality Score, Click-Through Rates (CTR) and Ad Text
  • Evaluate your Landing Page Optimization to make sure clients are landing on the correct information when searching
  • Simplify your ad groups for easier ad copies

Whether your goal is to increase conversion rates, lower cost-per-conversion or focus on any other metric, you can rely on the PPC experts at Prime Media Consulting LLC.

Pay Per Click Audit Implementation

Your PPC campaigns need to be aligned with your business and account goals. Knowing why you’re running a PPC campaign should drive your PPC strategy. Pay Per Click (PPC) audits are essential for any small business owner’s PPC campaigns. Almost any business can benefit from a pay per click (PPC) audit, and our team of analysts at Prime Media Consulting has performed PPC audits for B2B and B2C companies from dozens of different industries. If you are happy with the Pay Per Click Audit we deliver for your business and wish us to implement a new strategy for your small business, our team can also perform the implementation (Billed separately).  Some of the services we will provide are adding keywords, changing keyword match types, adjusting big strategies, adjusting account settings, creating new ad copy to increase your quality score and or creating new landing pages for your website. 

pay per click advertising

The Facts About Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

The DIY doesn’t work anymore for your business to have a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign. This isn’t the fun stuff about marketing your business, but is one of the most critical. You need business now and this platform can produce immediate results! Even if you hate it, talking about Pay Per Click Advertising is something you need.  Check out the stats:

Pay Per Click Ads can boost brand awareness by 80%
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Google controls more than 92% of the global search engine market.
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The average ROI for Google Ads. You can only imagine how the better-than-average businesses are doing.
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of marketers say PPC is hugely beneficial for their business.
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About Prime Media Consulting

Prime Media Consulting are marketing experts offering the very best products and services for small and medium size businesses to help you keep growing your business. Yes we build amazing custom websites, but it is our goal to truly make your website a lead generation tool for your business. We want to earn search engines like Google to position your business at the top of search engines while maintaining a positive brand experience and garnering great reviews across social media platforms. Prime Media Consulting uses innovative web techniques and state of the art industry leading evaluation tools to research the holes in your online marketing presence, and make recommendations based on the budget and time you have available to fix them. 

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