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infographic design
infographic design

Prime Media Consulting's Infographic Design Services

An infographic is a visual representation of information. It uses text, charts, images, icons, and other elements to present interesting information that’s easy to read and understand quickly. They are engaging and effective for branding and sales because it combines words and images which can make it easier for people to remember the information you are sharing.

Visual information processing tends to take place faster than other types of processing, like auditory processing for example. Infographics are widely used in the age of short attention span. With people’s attention spans shrinking, you have a smaller window of time to capture the attention of your audience. Each type of infographic is tailored to visualize a different type of content.

Infographics: Keep It Simple

You don’t need to write three pages of text to explain an important fact. Infographics is all about being a minimalist. A good infographic has the ability to walk you through different phases, offering you facts and intriguing visuals along the way. Let’s not forget that infographics usually contains quite boring but valuable information. Infographics have become more popular as people gravitate toward online visual content.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs use infographics to reach new audiences and increase brand awareness. This is in contrast to an article or blog post on their websites that may tell the reader what they should think or feel about the topic at the end of the piece.

infographic design

The Facts About Infographics

The DIY doesn’t work anymore for your business to have a Infographic. This isn’t the fun stuff about building or optimizing a website, but is one of the most critical. Even if you hate it, talking about Infographics is something you need. There’s just no way around it in today’s digital age. Why? Check out the stats:

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rate visual marketing as “very important” to their marketing strategy.
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people remember what they read.
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people remember what they hear.
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people remember what they see.

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